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The cruise ship arc on 9-1-1 wrapped up after three episodes, and it showed just how family-oriented the 118 were when it came to each other. They came together to save Bobby and Athena. How exactly did they pull this off? Check out our recap of 9-1-1 7X03 to find out.

Hen continued to follow her gut instinct that something was wrong with the cruise ship that Bobby and Athena were on. With no way of getting help from anyone who would listen, she prepared a request form to go and get help.

Hen and the rest of the 118 go on a rescue mission in 9-1-1 7×03

Of course, she wasn’t as alone as she thought she was. Maddie and Chimney had a conversation in which she revealed to him that Hen was worried about Bobby and Athena. Despite the fact that Chimney, Buck, and Eddie had a call to go to, they didn’t let this stop them.

They faked being sick and actually went to get help from a former member of the 118. Tommy Kinard, who was seen in the flashback episodes showing how Chimney, Hen, and Bobby got started at the 118, was called in to help. He was the firefighter who Buck would end up replacing when he started but he has been called on before to help in an air rescue.

Hen is surprised to find the guys have come to help look for Bobby and Athena’s ship. Even though they would likely get in trouble with the Chief, all that mattered was being there for Hen and going to save their friends.

While the rest of the 118 were making their own rescue mission, Bobby and Athena had one as well. Since the ship was capsized, Normal ended up on what was now the ceiling. Bobby used his skills as a firefighter to use ropes to lower him carefully to everyone else.

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Disney/Chris Willard

Survivors try to escape

With the help of a security guard, Wes, they tried to find another way out. Unfortunately, when Wes tried to see if it was safe for them to go through one of the doors, it exploded and he would unfortunately succumb to his injuries.

It was soon down to the captain, Athena, Bobby, Lola, Norman, and Julian as they made their way towards safety. But then they saw a woman, Eliza, who had become injured while looking for her little boy, Corey.

Corey had been on the trip with his family and he was so distracted by his game, he didn’t hear the mayday call or his family leaving to go to the lifeboats. Bobby offered to go find him and Athena told him to come back to her.

Our thoughts on 9-1-1 7×03

Peter Krause and Angela Bassett were truly amazing in this episode. They both had a lot of work to do with their characters in this entire arc and they absolutely had us in our feelings. The love they have for each other was strengthened in this entire situation and we loved every moment of it.

One of our favorite parts was when Corey and Bobby were trapped after the hatch they were heading towards slammed shut. Just when Bobby thought it was over, two familiar faces were there to rescue them.

Julian tried to use a flare gun once they heard the helicopter. But when he tried, he fell to his death. Athena used it herself it to alert the team to the boat’s position. Once they landed the helicopter on the ship, the rescue began. Buck and Eddie went down to rescue Corey and Bobby.

What’s next for the 118?

Overall, just having the team come together to rescue their loved ones was a beautiful moment. It showed just how important they are to one another. Even though things were rough between Hen, Chimney, Buck, and Eddie, nothing was more important than finding Bobby and Athena.

Even though the end of the episode made it seem like there wouldn’t be repercussions for the off-the-books mission, we’re excited to see what happens next for the crew. The next episode to air will be the 100th episode. It will feature a call at The Bachelor mansion! We’re looking forward to this mini crossover!

Watch 9-1-1 on ABC Thursdays at 8/7c. Catch up on previous episodes on Hulu.


'9-1-1' 7x03 recap: "Capsized" - capeandcastle.com (2024)


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